Visa requirements - online appointment system

Online appointment system

Appointments for visa will from now on only be available through an online-based system. Bookings via e-mail or telephone will no longer be possible. Only book an appointment once you made sure that you will be able to keep it.

It is crucial to book the visa appointment as early as possible and well ahead of the scheduled travel. The Embassy is unfortunately not able to respond to individual appointment requests via email or telephone due to the high number of applications. In the interest of all applicants who have booked their appointment in time, such requests will no longer be processed as of 1st May 2015.

For medical emergencies, applicants can contact the Embassy via the special email address mask%27%diplo%27%de,visaemergencies . Letters from a doctor or hospital confirming the urgent nature of the medical request as well as passport copies of the applicants have to be attached.

Please note: Appointments frequently become available on a short notice when they are canceled by other applicants. Regular checking of the appointment booking website is therefore advisable if an earlier appointment is desired.

Please fill in the form with the utmost attention to detail. Even minor deviations in the passport number or the spelling of your name can lead to you being denied access to the visa section. Exceptions will not be made in order to prevent misuse.

Attention: Misuse (for example double bookings or fake appointment confirmations) could lead to an exclusion from the appointment system and entry into a blacklist in order to shorten waiting periods and protect honest clients.
Do not let third parties book the appointment for you. You will be held responsible for any resulting errors and / or misuse.

Tips for the application process:

Apply in time! - Plan ahead for waiting periods!

Due to huge demand and the limited human resources of the visa section waiting times for an appointment can reach several weeks especially during the main travel season from May to October. The processing of a Schengen visa for Omani citizens takes at least three working days. For other nationals it can take up to 10 working days. We therefore urge you to plan your trip well ahead of your travel date.

The application must be complete with all required documents!

Please make sure to only submit a completed application including all required supporting documentation in order to allow for a smooth and successful handling of your case. Missing papers could lead to a rejection of the application.

Attention: Subsequent filing of missing documents is not possible. You will be required to make a new appointment (waiting time!).

Please check the embassy´s information flyers before applying. They contain detailed information on the application process. Please be aware that the requirements stated are subject to change. Please check the website regularly to inform yourself about recent or upcoming changes.

Schengen Visa: Online application form and requirements

VIDEX enables you to complete your application form for a Schengen visa (short term stay) online. After completion, please print out the application form for your visa appointment.
Please find the link to VIDEX, guidelines on how to use VIDEX and visa requirements here:

Please note that besides the requirements listed additional documentation may be requested (depending on the individual case).

Antragsformular Schengenvisum

Residence Permit / National Visa: requirements and application forms

Please note that besides the requirements listed additional documentation may be requested (depending on the individual case).

Important when you receive the visa

Please check the data of the visa for possible mistakes as soon as you receive your passport. In particular please verify the validity (start and end date) of the visa with regard to the total duration of your planned stay. You should also check the correct spelling of your name as well as the number of entries. The visa section should be informed about possible mistakes immediately. If not done already, please sign your passport before your departure. Travel documents without a signature may be identified as not valid upon entry. For any problems that occur as a result of possible incorrect data or a missing signature in the travel document, the visa section of the Embassy can not be held responsible.

The German Embassy in Muscat

P.O. Box 128, PC 112, Ruwi
Sultanate of Oman

Ruwi, Hillat Al-Jazeera
(near Al-Nahda Hospital)
Way No.: 4911, Villa 953

Tel:   +968-24835000, 24832482,  24837374
Fax:   +968-24835690

Opening hours Consular Department:
Sunday - Thursday 9.00 - 12.00 hrs

In cases of emergency, the duty officer can be reached by mobile phone number: +968-99 32 16 41

Please note: The duty officer can not answer questions concerning visa (appointments) / trade enquiries.

Visa fees

The visa fees are being set in Euros, but they need to be paid in Omani Rial (OMR). According to the exchange rate between Euro and Omani Rial the exact amount of the fees to be paid in Omani Rial varies.

The following fees are being charged:

Schengen visas (short term trip, categories A,B,C):

- Children until 6 years are free of charge

- Children from 6 - 12 years - pay 35 €

- Children above 12 years - pay 60 €.

60 Euro   

National visas (Germany, long term stay of more than 90 days, category D)

children under the age of 18 pay

60 Euro

30 Euro

No further fees will be charged by the German Embassy.

Application forms are handed out free of charge. It is not necessary to use any freelance office services.

Fees will not be reimbursed in case of a refusal of a visa application!